our business

Nuvance is your local supplier of high-quality vegetable seed, professional services and grower support. Nuvance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Klein Karoo Seed Marketing (Pty) Ltd (KKSM) and intend to bring its clients the latest advancements in the industry.

mission and vision

Nuvance (Pty) Ltd strives to be an innovative and reliable supplier of high-quality seed, advice and professional services within the vegetable seed value chain in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our objective is to embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business and afford a respectable work culture and environment for our employees and stakeholders.

the vision

Our aim is to make a significant difference in complimenting producers’ businesses, to ensure sustainability.

This is achieved by supplying our customers with the best genetics which benefits their businesses though minimizing risk whilst, optimizing yield and quality

ownership and our history

Nuvance is a vegetable seed business owned by KKSM, who is in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of Zaad Holdings Ltd. (Zaad). Zaad is a subsidiary of Zeder Investments Ltd. (Zeder), which is the agricultural leg of the PSG Group.

our history

Klein Karoo Co-op was established in 1947 in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. With access to well-developed seed cleaning lines at Oudtshoorn and Brits, vegetable seed production started in 1990. In 2003, KKSM, a subsidiary of the Klein Karoo Co-op was founded.

Distribution agreements with recognized international seed companies were secured for exclusive distribution and marketing rights for hybrid vegetable seeds. In 2004, the international seed company, Bakker Brothers became a daughter company of KKSM.

The company’s product range was further expanded by the introduction of a wide range of sorghum, oats, lucerne, sunflower and canola seed.

The company took yet another major business decision and Klein Karoo Co-op sold 100% of its shares in KKSM to Zaad in November 2013. In addition to this evolving business, soybean was then also introduced to the product portfolio and the Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe, -Zambia and -Mozambique subsidiaries were established.

In October 2018, the vegetable seed division within KKSM was separated into a new entity (Nuvance) to ensure specific and focused attention would be given to this business and market segment.

our clients

With an ever-increasing global population, there is most certainly a growing demand for food.

Food security only exists when all people, continuously, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to meet their dietary needs for an active life. As a supplier of inputs into the food production sector, Nuvance believes this to be an exciting sector with enormous opportunities for both ourselves and our customers. Nuvance strives to fulfil its role towards these requirements by providing high quality seed towards to meet people’s dietary requirement via the vegetable supply chain.

Our clients therefore include individuals from all the different market segments that rely on vegetable seed within the SADC region. Just one of the ways Nuvance is committed to go “beyond vegetable seed”.

our service

As Nuvance, we strive to make a difference on the farm and therefore do not only focus on the supply and sale of seed but take a rather holistic approach to advance beyond vegetable seed. Nuvance supplies vegetable seed and relevant advice to its clients. Nuvance is blessed to have incredibly knowledgeable employees with a passion for what they do – “proudly South Africa for Africa”. We are committed to passionate alliances through service excellence and a deep knowledge of business in agriculture.

our product

Mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders are vital to our existence. Solid relationships with our suppliers also afford Nuvance the opportunity to present our clients with a comprehensive product range. Nuvance is the sole distributor of professional vegetable seed from Bejo Zaden, De Groot en Slot, Bakker Brothers and selected Seminis (Bayer) varieties in South Africa and SADC selected territories. With Nuvance’s seed- and service offering, we contribute towards the sustainability of our clients’ business who in turn play an integral part in reaching the goal of food security.

development and research

To remain industry leaders and be relevant, Nuvance will continue to invest in research in a highly competitive market to stay abreast of the latest trends and challenges. To achieve this, Nuvance invested in a state-of-the-art technology greenhouse complex. This modern facility allows us to identify and continuously introduce new varieties, ensuring that we remain relevant through providing the best possible vegetable varieties to our clients.


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our team

The Nuvance team consist of a highly motivated and professional team of experts in the vegetable seed industry.

Nuvance services the industry with a large footprint and root to market throughout the SADC regions.

highlights and awards

What distinguishes Nuvance from its competitors is that it surpasses the expectations through its achievements and accomplishments such as:

  • Seminis distributor of the year (2017, 2018)
  • Seminis salesman of the year (2018)