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Over the past number of years, Oppiplaas magazine has established itself as a popular publication, which not only brings you the latest news, views and success stories, but also tries to keep you up to date with the challenges facing the vegetable grower’s community. The magazine now has a fresh new look that will bring to life the articles, images and success stories from farms across the country.

Since its inception in 2014, Oppiplaas magazine has undergone several changes, but what hasn’t changed is that Oppiplaas offers our customers news, advice and the latest developments previously as Klein Karoo Seed Marketing, and now as Nuvance, free of charge. Nuvance takes pride in this magazine tackling the various challenges vegetable growers are dealing with on a daily basis. The name Oppiplaas or “on the farm” is at the core of the magazine's identity, as we will continue to include the numerous success stories from farms across South Africa. Our features and profiles will continue to tell the unique stories of our customers, helping other growers to learn from their experiences.